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  • Mission Statement

    To be a leader in post-academic orthopedic education and outreach, and to provide treatment for pediatric and adult lower extremity deformities in communities where it is most needed.

  • Philanthropy

    CLESF is made up of a network of dedicated doctors and medical professionals, and includes opportunities for everyone to get involved. Join our common bond of pursuing compassion, education, prevention and hope to patients around the world.

  • Continuing Education

    CLESF offers top-notch continuing education courses in various orthopedic disciplines for lower extremity care, from limb deformity correction, to external fixation techniques, to trauma and post-traumatic reconstruction, to limb salvage and joint restoration, to orthobiologics. CLESF brings together some of the world's most talented and renowned physicians and PhDs to provide education and hands-on instruction featuring cutting-edge applications and techniques.

    For information about our current course offerings, please click here.

  • Research

    CLESF works to promote the exchange of ideas, including techniques, development, research, and technologies in order to continually improve lower extremity patient treatment, post-operative management and care.

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