Medical Mission

Walk. Run. Dream. - Guadalajara, Mexico

Offering hope and an opportunity to walk, surgeons from the Chicago Lower Extremity Surgical Foundation and doctors of Guadalajara and Tepic Nayarit, Mexico conducted the 2011 Walk. Run. Dream. medical mission in Guadalajara, Mexico at Mundo Físico, a medical center specializing in physical rehabilitation.

The successful endeavor provided six patients, including two adults and four children with severe deformities, the opportunity to change their lives by receiving complex surgery at no cost. When these families thought their only option was amputation, CLESF gave hope where there was none.

The combined efforts between CLESF members and doctors, and staff of Mundo Físico allowed all patients and their families to receive complete medical care and attention required for a safe and prompt recovery during their 5-day stay. Dr. Victor H. Delgadillo Bucio, director of orthopedics at Mundo Físico and a partnering physician of CLESF for many years, was responsible for orchestrating the visit to conduct the humanitarian mission.

"This is a way for us to bring hope to many families when the only alternative they know is amputation. We apply advanced external fixation techniques that are not well known in Latin America. Families have put their faith in us, and we have achieved very successful results. The greatest satisfaction for us is to see our patients happy, healthy and walking,” said Dr. Delgadillo Bucio.

CLESF physicians donated their time, surgical equipment and their own trip expenses and CLESF covered accommodation expenses for the patients and their families for the duration of the mission as well as nursing care, all medication, surgical equipment and use of medical facilities. The cost of each surgery in a private clinic can cost upward of $2,500.

According to CLESF President Ramiro J. Atristaín Carrión, CLESF orthopedic doctors provide surgeries for children with congenital conditions that not well known in the United States, such as hemimelia, charcot foot and clubfoot, among others.

The medical mission ended with all physicians visiting each patient to determine and instruct on the post-operative care for each case. Patients returned to their place of origin, including Colombia, Baja California Sur, and Guadalajara, where their private physicians – in conjunction with the medical mission’s physicians - will help with follow-up care. Every family expressed emotion and gratitude to CLESF, Dr. Edgardo R. Rodriguez and Dr. Victor Delgadillo Bucio, whose contributions made walking, running and dreaming a reality for the patients.

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