The Chicago Lower Extremity Surgical Foundation was founded to provide treatment for individuals and communities in need. Through collaboration, volunteerism and goodwill, CLESF has provided new hope and opportunity for many individuals and families via the Walk. Inspire. Dream. medical mission.

With the help of private donors, corporations and physicians from Chicago and Mexico, every year CLESF conducts medical mission work to perform pro-bono surgical procedures on children and adults with lower extremity deformities and conditions.

The cost to provide care for just one patient, including the surgical facility and equipment, hospital stays, meals, medication and nursing care can cost thousands of dollars. For most of these individuals, without the support of CLESF, the alternative is often amputation.

By donating to CLESF, you can help to give them a chance to walk, run and dream. Every contribution counts.

Corporations or organizations interested in making financial contributions or donating medical equipment, or physicians interested in becoming involved in the medical mission, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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